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Due to changes in requirements, becoming a teacher in Missouri may become a bit harder—and more expensive

Sep 26, 2013 -- 8:00pm

Changes to Missouri's educator preparation standards and testing may make becoming a teacher a little harder and more expensive. Dean of the College of Education at Southeast Missouri State University Diana Rogers-Atkinson tells KZIM KSIM that there are a total of five new tests students need to take including the Missouri Gen Assessment--which will replace C-Base--and the Pre-service Teaching Assessment which is graded outside of Southeast and must be passed to become a teacher. She worries about the financial side of things for students. Aprroximately $600 in tests may deter some students from joining the program. According to Rogers-Akinson, education major requirements have changed as well, she says students must maintain a 2.75 GPA in pre-education and once they become an official education major they must maintain a 3.0 within their major. Rogers-Atkinson likes that the program forces students to take the major seriously, but fears that these requirements could be a hindrance to students who change majors or had a rocky start in their freshman and sophomore years. For more information about the changes or getting financial help you can go to

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