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Walk to School Day

Sep 30, 2013 -- 3:00pm


Alma Schrader Elementary School is teaming up with the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation at Southeast Missouri State University to sponsor “Walk to School Day” on Wednesday, Oct. 9th.  Students are being encouraged to walk to school that day along with teachers, parents, grandparents and other community members who wish to participate. Alma Schrader School Principal Ruth Ann Orr tells KZIM-KSIM they let kids know well in advance.  Orr says that program promotes regular physical fitness among kids and parents.Orr says university professor of health, human performance and recreation, and biology, Dr. Mark Langenfeld has been the organizer for some time.  The event is one component of the International Walk to School Month being celebrated worldwide.  For more information, contact Langenfeld at (573) 651-2461.

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