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A small boy from Russia finds JOY in a shoe box sent from an anonymous American

Oct 04, 2013 -- 3:10pm

When Valery Bianco was six years old his mother died and shortly thereafter his dad was imprisoned. Having lived meagerly on a small farm in Russia he never imagined how lonely and hopeless he would become in a Russian orphanage with eighty-six other throw away kids. One day a box arrived… Bianco tells KZIM KSIM that changed everything for a little boy with no plan past making it through the day…" I got this shoe box and in it was a little toy car! I had never had my own toy before so I played with it every day. I took it with me everywhere and slept with it under my pillow at night. And I kept my hand on it! I also got some colored pens. I loved them. I drew so many pictures and I loved doing art. And then there was also a T-shirt. In an orphanage you don't really have your own clothes. So I had my own T-shirt! But I shared it with my friend and we wore it proudly every other day when it was our turn." The show box was an anonymous gift from an American family via Samaritan’s Purse and Operation Christmas Child. Over 100-million of these boxes have been shipped to children in poor, ravaged, and war torn countries, in the last twenty years. They include small toys, hard candy, hygiene items, art supplies, or a small clothing item. Bianco was lucky… he was adopted by an Illinois family in 2004. He says he found Jesus one year later. He is now nineteen and wants to go to culinary school. 

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