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The Missouri National Guard is more affected than active duty military during the government shutdown

Oct 04, 2013 -- 6:00pm

Many Missourians are wondering how the government shutdown will affect Missouri’s armed forces, including the National Guard. State Public Affairs Office Tammy Spicer tells KZIM KSIM the states over 11,000 citizen-soldiers and airmen will remain mission ready but drills have stopped until the shutdown is over. She says the guard is getting hit a bit worse than the rest of the military due to a bill recently passed before the shut down. He says that right before the shut down, the Pay Our Military Act was passed, which exempted active duty from not getting paid. He says that not all of the military is having the same level of impact as the Guard.Spicer says that the National Guard has a federal technician workforce of about 1,400 and about 70 percent will be on unpaid furlough and 30 percent will work though the shutdown. More than 450 Missouri National Guard members are deployed overseas and will not be affected by the shutdown, and about 175 soldiers and airmen are preparing to go overseas. Spicer says these soldiers’ preparation and training will not stop.

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