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Moldy Illinois elementary school building condemned

Oct 05, 2013 -- 10:02am


A Southern Illinois school building is condemned after education officials announced Friday that "toxic" mold was so prevalent the building wasn't safe for students.

The announcement, by regional superintendent of schools Janet Ulrich, said the Meridian Elementary School building in Mounds was condemned and the doors were locked on Friday.

An architect was called in May, and the Illinois Department of Labor confirmed the presence of black mold in the building. After a second review and a walk-through by a state board of education health and safety official, a letter from the Illinois State Board of Education was submitted to Ulrich's office this week with a recommendation to condemn the building.Meridian Elementary students have been sharing Meridian High School this year in shifts as the problem was investigated. Plans for the demolition of the elementary and construction of a new building haven't been determined, according to the news release.

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