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Memorials to fallen heroes are still needed in Missouri. A fundraiser is planned at a local venue

Oct 09, 2013 -- 4:53pm

Are you good at really odd games or challenges? Maybe you can take a Minute To Win It at the upcoming fundraiser for the Heroes Way campaign. Sixteen year ARMY Veteran from the 1140th Engineering battalion Ross Gartman is the coordinator of the event as well as the Founder and President of the effort to erect highway signs as memorials to fallen heroes along Missouri roadways. Saturday the 19th there will be a silent auction, prizes, and a meal at Creative Response on Enterprise Lane in Jackson. Gartman tells KZIM KSIM come ready to be chosen for a spot in the Minute to Win it contest! "You will have 60 seconds to perform some crazy odd ball trick - like last year someone had to shake a box with ping pong balls in it attached to the back with a belt and wiggle til all the balls fell out." Gartman says all proceeds will go directly to the purchase of eight to ten signs for the Columbia area to continue the effort of recognizing the sacrifice of military heroes who fell in Iraq and Afghanistan. Otherwise the financial burden falls on the family. Each sign is 24-hundred dollars! You may purchase tickets at Baer & Edington and at Healthpoint in Jackson. 

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