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Do you crave a certain processed food item? Some people are paid to make sure you do!

Oct 09, 2013 -- 4:01pm

No one can eat just one! That’s for sure… Americans love our snacks and processed food and there is a very good reason why! The Vitamin Professor and Founder of All One Supplements, Doug Ingoldsby says if you are craving a sweet or salty snack in usually means you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency. However, he tells KZIM KSIM there is also a far less natural reason you want these foods too…"A group in New Jersey called the Flavor Makers can combine various chemicals and make them taste sweet like a peach or slaty with BBQ. They can mimic any taste you are looking for." Ninety percent of the food Americans eat is now processed. If you dehydrate your food you erase some taste and some of the nutrition benefits. Since our bodies do not create nutrients we must take them in. Ingoldsby says your best line of defense is to read labels. Bearing in mind that “natural flavors” can mean one of a hundred ingredients can be “natural” to obtain that claim. He says your family needs a daily supplement ESPECIALLY if you are eating a lot of processed foods. He also recommends cooking from scratch and using natural produce as much as possible. 

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