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Would you hire someone who is dramatically modified their body? More and more people are!

Oct 11, 2013 -- 4:47pm

Forty-five million Americans now have a tattoo. That’s twenty-one percent… and that number is growing every day. However demand for laser tattoo removal increased by thirty-two percent last year. Body modification artist Joshua Coburn says a tattooed America is becoming more tolerant in the workplace too. He is a motivational speaker, author, small business owner, and Promotions Specialist at Brownells Inc. He has crossed the line into corporate America even though he has eighty-five percent of his body covered in tattoos, including part of his face. Coburn has implants in his hands and has stretched ear lobes. He tells KZIM KSIM what made him choose to change his appearance so drastically…"I wasn't necessarily comfortable in my skin at a very young age. I was in first grade when it came to my attention of what tattoos and tattooing was and I just wasn't a confident kid. This was a way to put on an armor that helped make my skin comfortable for me." Coburn says he isn’t looking for attention but many who alter their appearance are. He admits those who make the choice should get used to people staring at them. He is pleased more of America is less shocked by alterations now than even five years ago and hopes the day comes when we no longer judge a book by its cover. You can learn more about him

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