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Missouri may be the state known to have the most meth labs, but authorities say that number is decreasing

Oct 14, 2013 -- 5:00am

According to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Missouri led the nation in methamphetamine labs found last year.“In 2012, DEA reported 11,210 such incidents nationwide. Of those, more than 16 percent were found in Missouri. Officer Darrin Hickey of the Cape PD says that Missouri may high on the list for found meth labs, but efforts to fix this, seem to be working.He says that meth lab arrests have decreased, which can be attributed to teh ordiance the city passed required prescriptions to get psuedoephedrine, which makes it more difficult to start a lab. In July 2005, a state law went into effect limiting access to pseudoephedrine -- a key ingredient in methamphetamine -- and in 2010, the Cape Girardeau City Council passed an ordinance requiring the medication to be sold by prescription only. Several other municipalities have similar laws on the books. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that the size of meth labs has decreased, and most operations are not large scale anymore. The “shake and bake” method, in which producers make small amounts of the drug by shaking ingredients together in a plastic soda bottle has become more common in the area. Numbers fluctuate from year to year, but the total has dropped since 2004, when Missouri had about 3,000 of the almost 24,000 methamphetamine lab busts in the United States.

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