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Local man tries to "save" a 1800 era cabin on N. Fountain

Oct 11, 2013 -- 5:00pm

An 1800s-era log cabin hidden beneath a wood-siding house on a Cape Girardeau street may be nearing demolition, despite the efforts of preservationist and retired contractor Jim Blakemore.Blakemore has tried to save the cabin since June. City Planner Ryan Shrimplin tells KZIM KSIM the deadline was missed to have the building either disassembled or repaired as it is technically condemned. He says the city has given Blakemore ample time to disassemble and relocate the cabin, but not enough progress has been made.  Shrimplin says it has gotten to the point where Blakemore wants to declare it a historic place and keep it there, but the building needs to be "brought up or brought down" as that is part of the condemnation order. As long as Blakemore makes progress, the city will let him disassemble the cabin. But if there is no progress, he says, the city will have to continue the condemnation process. Shrimplin says that Blakemore has no financial interest in the cabin, and the current owners were more than willing to let him take the cabin apart, but the city needs to see results. The structure, which revealed a log cabin last spring when work on the house was being performed, is thought to date before 1860. Blakemore claims that he does not have enough man power to get it done quickly. He hasn’t lost hope, he is trying to get the building on the National Register.

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