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A local charity organization has another way to keep you well informed

Oct 15, 2013 -- 4:03pm

Since everyone is either on Twitter, facebook, instagram or hosts a blog – the United Way of Southeast Missouri is jumping deeper into the digital world. Executive Director Nancy Jernigan says being in the middle of their 2013 fundraising campaign and focusing heavily on income being part of the impact model, they needed an easily accessible way to communicate at another level. She tells KZIM KSIM that brought about the LIVE UNITED blog…"We have a roll in our community not just to raise money but also to educate our community about all the things we're learning. So we have a lot of information to share and we will do that on our blog." In addition to the blog, the newly updated website allows you to views upcoming news and events, review their annual report, sign up for the newsletter and get involved through donations. Go to

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