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A great opportunity awaits you to promote your photographs and the city of Sikeston!

Oct 18, 2013 -- 4:12pm

Calling all photographers! The city of Sikeston is asking for your BEST work in cataloguing the city and its surrounding areas! Marketing Assistant at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Kathy Medley tells KZIM KSIM a contest is underway that will continue until November 1st of 2014 (NOT 2013) in an effort to expand their photo library! And you could win a prize! "We want to gain pictures from the city and surrounding areas that are suitable for marketing. Like brochures and billboards. Our categories are: Everyday life in Sikeston and the surrounding area; special events; family activities; outdoor recreation; landscapes; and streetscapes... you know landmarks. We are looking for a variety that will help us market the area." Winners in each of the five categories will get 1-hundred dollars with runners up receiving fifty dollars. There is also a prize basket for the best of show. You do not have to show proof of residency and the entry is FREE! You must be eighteen or over to submit your photos. There is no limit on how many you can send in. Go to and click on the photo contest tab. 

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