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Don’t miss the last show of the season for the River City Players! See some fresh local faces in the cast!

Oct 30, 2013 -- 5:06pm

The final show of the year for the River City Players is going to be a hoot! Director of “Nuts, Bolts, & Carnations” Debbie Barnhouse says they have also changed the schedule a bit. She tells KZIM KSIM they wanted to go out in style so this three act comedy is quite the show! "Who would've ever thought that sedning a lovely bouquet of carnations to your husband at work could cause such problems.. and trust me when I tell you... it causes problems!" There are a few funny phone calls from GOD in the ninety-minute production. Barnhouse says you will most likely recognize yourself in the script! You will also see a few new faces in the theater troupe. The show is fit for people over 10 years old. The first show is November 7th with a dessert buffet. On the 8th and 9th the performance is accompanied by a dinner buffet while the Sunday matinee on the 10th will be another dessert buffet. Reserve tickets by calling Port Cape at 334-0954. The play will be in the Yacht Club upstairs. 

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