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Sticker shock may await health insurance buyers

Dec 16, 2013 -- 12:58pm

The affordable healthcare you are required to purchase may not be a bargain.  The next challenge for the nation's health care law may be sticker shock,                 when consumers find they're still paying high medical bills after buying low-cost insurance for the first time.  With a Dec. 23rd deadline looming for anyone wanting health insurance by Jan. 1st, people may hurry to choose plans with cheap monthly payments on a new insurance marketplace.  But they may be surprised to find they're still on the hook for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket "deductibles," a standard part of most insurance policies.  Many will find they must pay up to $6,350 on top of monthly premiums before their insurance pays anything for actual medical care. If they have a family, they may have to pay nearly $13,000 in an out-of-pocket "deductible" before insurance starts paying.  Affordable or not, it is required by law.  For more info, go to


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