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A festering issue continues between environmental organizations and area farmers

Dec 16, 2013 -- 3:45pm

A DOW Agrosciences website states: Since the beginning of time, weeds have evolved to survive, and they are becoming a greater challenge for farmers with each passing year. Without new technology and next-generation solutions, hard-to-control weeds will cause agriculture to take a step backwards. Weed resistance must be addressed now to advance agriculture and preserve benefits of herbicide-tolerant crop technology. Senior Vice President and Senior Partner at Fleishman Hillard, David LaValle tells KZIM KSIM farmers have been waiting over four years now and the bills are adding up! "2 4 D has been around since 1946 and did a good job til now. Farmers are now scratching their heads as to why it is taking so long! Meanwhile fields are overgrown with weeds so farmers have to use more fuel, labor and all the things the EPA doesn't want. And they're the ones holding us up." Scientists say there are now weed emergencies in twenty five highly agricultural states with twenty one species now out of control. Comment periods are coming the end of this month for the USDA and another with the EPA before March. Watch for dates. Also The USDA and EPA websites aren’t available yet, but farmers may go online and sign a petition at

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