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A local author takes a little reality and puts it into a work of Christian fiction

Dec 23, 2013 -- 11:58am

After keeping a journal for many months, Jackson author Mary Prince started making notes and ended up thinking, “This would make a great screenplay!” She hadn’t heard of any movies with this as a theme so she set her mind on writing a book first. Which she did titled ‘Sara’s Turn of the Century”. It is listed as Christian fiction based on true events. Prince tells KZIM KSIM it covers some of the events in her daughter’s battle to survive… "It's based on a young woman's struggle with life. her struggle with the things in her life. It has a lot to do with heartache as well as some miracles." Prince says the book begins in 1999 with Sara Watson looking forward to a future where she would end up praying for GOD to give her a better tomorrow. Prince is a former dental hygienist from Malden. Her book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites... and through Tate publishing. She hopes it will make it to the big screen one day or perhaps a lifetime tv event.



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