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Local legislators share plans for upcoming session

Dec 26, 2013 -- 5:56pm

A few local lawmakers have filed bills before the upcoming session of the Missouri Legislature.  The session officially begins at noon Jan. 8 in Jefferson City, but senators and representatives can file legislation starting this month. The session ends May 16.  State Rep. Donna Lichtenegger tells KZIM-KSIM that she has filed bills to would change requirements of employees by labor organizations, to give anyone who wants to work for a company that has a union a chance to work there and not pay the union. Lichtenegger plans to change the bill, so that if you choose not to be a union member, and get fired or otherwise, you will pay your own attorney, and not be entitled to union benefits.  The overall bill would likely need voter approval to change state law.  Lichtenegger  also  plans a fluoridation removal notification requirement bill, because she believes there are dental health benefits from the use of fluoride in drinking water and that the substance should not be removed without public support.

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