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Rolling gun battle through St Louis

Jun 23, 2014 -- 2:28pm




A truck filled with shell casings has been found after a rolling gun battle in downtown St. Louis early Monday morning.  Police said they saw a black Ford F-150 firing shots at a black Toyota Camry in the 1200 block Washington Ave. at 2:30 a.m. The Toyota Camry fled north on N. Tucker Blvd where officers observed a 28-year-old man exit the car and attempt to flee the scene. Officers arrested the man, who was later found to be in possession of a stolen firearm and a large amount of money. Officers said they followed the Ford F-150 across the Stan Musial Bridge and eventually lost sight of the vehicle in East St. Louis. The East St. Louis Police Department later found the F-150 abandoned. No injuries were reported. The investigation is ongoing.

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