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Abandoned and lost animals have some new friends who could really use a friend!

Aug 14, 2014 -- 1:09pm

Puppies and dogs discarded or lost by society find themselves locked up in shelters with only volunteers to love them. Most find homes but in the mean time they are scared and lonely. People who have made mistakes find themselves in a similar situation at times. Those on probation and parole have a unique opportunity to work with their animal counterparts. Humane Society of SE Missouri board member Charlotte Craig says PUPS or pups uniting people successfully has been a huge hit with both human and beast. She tells KZIM KSIM everyone learns a lot about patience and camaraderie… "Local individuals who are on probation for a variety of reasons are given the opportunity to walk our dogs and teach basic, simple obedience commands. Sit is a command that we can get accomplished in an hour and sometimes down, and even sometimes stay.. depending on the dog." Up to ten dogs are chosen by the shelter while Probation Officers with the state of Missouri Priscilla Miller and Marsha Fields choose the candidates from their applicants. The humans go through an interview process and almost always follow through and dedicate themselves to the PUPS program. The workshop occurs once per week for an hour. Volunteers are always needed to transport the animals and also to work at the shelter. 

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