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Notre Dame Regional Regional High School rakes in over 236-thousand from activity week

Oct 02, 2012 -- 12:23pm


Notre Dame Regional High School set a goal to raise 100-thousand-dollars from their annual activity week campaign.  They more than doubled it!  The school of 550 students raked in 236-thousand-680-dollars during a week of Sunday dinners, odd jobs, and sales of trash bags, mums, and candy.  The senior class led the way, raising 145-thousand.  And senior Clayton Jansen won a new car from a random drawing of all students who met their sales quota.  Principal Brother David tells KZIM KSIM these funds will go to helping the school pay off some bills.  Brother David says they are also donating a portion of the sales to cancer research, after a faculty member pledged to shave her head due to colon cancer in her family.  The school served an average of 1-thousand people each night last week for their Sunday-style dinners.

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