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Cape County gives you multiple ways to get a flu shot this month

Oct 03, 2012 -- 11:24am


The Cape County Public Health Center is holding a series of flu shot clinics over the next four weeks.  The shot and mist form will be available starting Thursday with a major event at the Osage Center from 9 until 6 PM.  They will also administer the vaccine on the 12th at the Delta Community Center from 9 until 1, the Jackson Legion Hall on the 19th from 9 until 6, and two drive-thru clinics at the Cape Fire Station Number-1 on the 26th and Jackson Fire Station on the 31st, both from 9 until 2 PM.  Health center director Jane Wernsman tells KZIM KSIM they have 3-thousand shots to give out this year.  Wernsman says they will also give shots to county first responders and vaccinate kids in the schools that have asked this month.  Beginning Tuesday the 9th, you can get the immunization on a walk-in basis at the Linden Street location daily from 8:30 until 4:30.  The shot or mist is 20-dollars each and Medicare and Medicaid will be accepted.

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