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The 2012 State Fall Games are coming together in Cape

Oct 03, 2012 -- 11:42am


More than 12-hundred Special Olympics Missouri athletes and coaches will be in Cape next weekend for the annual State Fall Games.  They will compete in five sports from golf, tennis, bocce, flag football, and softball, starting Friday morning the 12th.  The weekend takes hundreds of local volunteers to make it a success.  So far, the state organization has filled 87-percent of all the volunteer spots they need to keep score, deliver water, serve lunch, and be “fans in the stands.”  Special Olympics Missouri marketing manager Mandi Steward tells KZIM KSIM this is a big deal for the athletes who have worked so hard to get here!  Steward says you can still be a volunteer by visiting their website at somo-dot-org.  The games will use venues at the Jaycees golf course, Redhawks tennis complex, Shawnee Park, and the Show-Me Center.  After the event, most athletes compete in bowling season through the fall.

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