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A federal judge rules Cape’s anti-litter ordinance permanently unconstitutional

Oct 04, 2012 -- 2:20pm


A federal judge this week ruled Cape’s anti-litter ordinance prohibiting clubs like the KKK from putting flyers on cars is permanently unconstitutional.  The Klan spent last Friday dropping leaflets on the windshields of unoccupied parked vehicles in Cape.  That’s after Judge John Ross ruled through a preliminary injunction last Thursday that the city’s anti-litter ordinance prohibiting this activity infringes on free speech rights and the KKK can express their message.  He made that injunction permanent Wednesday.  Cape attorney Al Spradling the third tells KZIM KSIM the judge didn’t have a choice.  The Klan’s attorney filed Tuesday, asking the court to make this permanent.  Judge Ross responded the next day.  The KKK said last week they plan to be back in Cape to leaflet in the near future, under this new protection.

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