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Southeast Missouri State has a profound economic impact on the Cape area

Oct 05, 2012 -- 11:42am


A new Economic study released Friday shows Southeast Missouri State University has a profound impact on the Cape area and its service region.  The findings were presented at the Cape Chamber’s First Friday Coffee.  It shows the school had about a 148-million-dollars contribution last academic year.  About half of that, 63-million-dollars, comes from full-time students’ expenditures during their 9-month stay in Cape.  Their families bring in about a million-dollars more in their visits to the area.  Southeast economist Bruce Domazlicky tells KZIM KSIM these numbers are significant when it comes to business survival in the Cape area.  Domazlicky says they estimate 36-thousand Southeast graduates live in the 24-county area and make on average 16-thousand-dollars more per year than a typical high school only graduate.  He says that translates into a total of 600-million-dollars in human capital to the area, or a measure of their collective ability to contribute to the output of goods and services using their degree.  The study shows students spend most of the money on groceries, rent, gas, and dining out.

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