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It’s a ghouly good time! Ghost story telling — returns to the river campus next week!

Oct 05, 2012 -- 5:24pm


Have you ever held a flashlight under your chin and tried to scare your family and friends around the campfire? It is an art form! Southeast Missouri State University and the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau are bringing the 5th annual ghost storytelling festival back to where the river turns a thousand chilling tales! Dr. Joel Rhodes tells KZIM KSIM Brian “Fox” Ellis and Megan Hicks have a way with words in 2 different shows on the 13th. And they’re doing something different this year! They are moving inside! Instead of being under the BIG BEECH TREE on the river campus lot - they are going inside the river campus in the beautiful Bedell Performance Hall. Shows are at 2 and 7pm next Saturday! Rhodes says the first hour is scary but the second hour will be CHILLING! Tickets are 12-dollars for adults and 5 for kids 14 and under. Call the box office at 651-2265.

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