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The Jackson Buchheits offers help to the Bollinger County Stray Project

Oct 05, 2012 -- 2:17pm


Buchheits in Jackson has made a large donation to the Bollinger County Stray Project.  Last month Director Marilyn Neville approached the company to set up a fund where customers could donate to their cause.  The money raised would go towards needs within the shelter.  The manager told Neville the last promotion was their biggest yet and were able to raise 17-hundred dollars for the Stray Project and Safe Harbor.  Neville tells KZIM-KSIM the money will go to upgrades for their facility. Currently the group is housing 69 dogs.  Neville adds this is the most they have ever cared for at one time and resources are limited.  You can learn more about the program by calling 722-3035.

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