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A murder suspect gets a change of venue to Dunklin County

Oct 08, 2012 -- 10:37am


A New Madrid man charged after a Highway Patrolman was shot during a vehicle stop in March gets a change of venue to Dunklin County.  43-year-old Tonya Brown, 25-year-old Jermaine Dennis, and 19-year-old Maurice Ely all pled not guilty to 2nd-degree murder.  The three are charged in connection with a traffic stop March 10th on I-55 near Matthews.  Brown was driving a car stopped for following too closely.  As troopers approached, a passenger in the front seat fired shots.  The patrolmen returned fire, killing the passenger.  One of the officers suffered a gunshot wound to the neck.  Dennis and Ely were passengers.  Brown goes to trial on the 25th in Scott County.  Dennis has a trial January 14th in Benton.  Ely received a change of venue from New Madrid to Kennett.  He will appear Wednesday before Judge Stephen Sharp.

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