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Tax File extension deadline ends next week

Oct 09, 2012 -- 1:48pm


The IRS is urging those who requested a tax-filing extension to file before next Monday.  The 15th is the deadline for a six month extension offered those who deferred in April.  There is an estimated 136-thousand Missourians who still have not filed.  IRS Spokesman Michael Devine tells KZIM-KSIM before filling out paperwork, you should double check to see if you qualify for any other benefits.  He says they have even made the process simpler. You can still mail in your returns but you must have it postmarked by the 15th.  Soldiers still serving in combat zones are still not required to file their 2011 returns until 180 days after their return home.  Details and payment options are available at IRS.GOV.

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