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In a battle against a train — you lose. Every time!

Oct 11, 2012 -- 7:43pm


What do hikers, bikers, hunters, fisherman, and snowmobilers have in common? They seem to be drawn to train tracks! Engineer with Union Pacific and Operation Lifesaver presenter, Walter Lewis says – not a good idea! Considering most trains are going 70 miles per hour in rural areas it wins every battle with man, beast, and car! Missouri ranks number five in the nation for fatalities in 2011 with twelve. Kentucky had seven putting them at seventh, and Illinois was ranked number two with nineteen! He tells KZIM KSIM depending on the speed and weight of the train it can take over a mile to stop! So if you are on the tracks… you lose! The engineer can jump up and down and do the Fred Flintstone but the train is not going to stop any faster! The number one thing to remember if stuck on the tracks is to GET OUT OF THE CAR! An automobile can be replaced. You cannot. Lewis says train traffic has increased significantly and locomotives are going faster! When the lights flash at a crossing – the train will be there in twenty seconds! Other national statistics include: 427 pedestrian fatalities, 1-thousand-956 grade cross collisions, resulting in 2-hundred-65 fatalities. If your car is stuck on the tracks call 800-555-5555 and officials can alert any oncoming trains.

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