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National Teen Driver Safety Week begins this weekend

Oct 11, 2012 -- 3:06pm


With classes in full swing the fall is a busy time, especially for teen drivers.  With sports, bands and all the extracurricular activities going on the roadways are full of teen drivers.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crashes are the number one cause of fatalities among 16 to 20 years olds in the U-S.  Last year there were 81 teen vehicle occupants killed with 79 percent being unbuckled.  18 percent of unbelted teens killed were impaired.  MODOT Spokesperson Carrie Wolken tells KZIM-KSIM they see young drivers on the road at dangerous times. Seat belt usage can reduce the risk of fatality by 45-percent.  MODOT will have campaigns next week to remind drivers to buckle up.  Under Missouri’s zero tolerance law drivers under 21 found with alcohol in their system can have their license suspended.  It’s also illegal to text in drive if you’re under 21.  Learn more at

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