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How did local public schools do when tested on their reaction to fire drills?

Oct 12, 2012 -- 12:33pm


The Cape Girardeau Fire Department has been visiting local public schools during fire prevention and safety week. Captain Ivan LaGrand is also a fire inspector, he says they have been to five daycares and nine schools and will finish with seven more next week. He tells KZIM KSIM they are testing kids and teachers on reaction to LIVE fire drills… and so far so good…evacuation times were within limits. Just a few minor things like; fire doors not closing on time or together and teachers forgetting to close classroom doors. All easy to fix and it's better to address it now than in a full fledged emergency. LaGrand says during the fire drills students are to grab their books, form a single file line and move in an orderly fashion to an outside field. The kids are given the National Fire Prevention Association’s guidelines for stop, drop, and roll and the theme of “Two Ways Out”… Locate them and practice! No citations are written but administrators are given a list of things to work on. 

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