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A local chiropractor is helping to beat cancer before it begins!

Oct 15, 2012 -- 6:34pm


Local Chiropractor Dr. Matt Uchtman doesn’t just put your spine in line. He wants to help you avoid cancer! He along with Elevation Chiropractic and Maximized Living Health Center is offering a workshop to educate you in a cancer transition – from awareness to prevention! He tells KZIM KSIM the global initiative takes place locally Thursday night at the Apostolic Promise Church on Mt. Auburn…Maximized Living has a cancer killers program that offers new ideas of what to do to prevent cancer and explains exactly what cancer is. Uchtman says it is all super simple. If you understand WHY it happens we can eliminate the 95-percent of lifestyle originated cancers! The first ten people to show up will get the “Cancer Killers” book. Call 651-0500 to register. The Program begins at 6pm.

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